Brow tint* £7
Approx 15mins
Using traditional tint that lasts on  the skin for 2-4 days  & on the brow hair upto 4 weeks.

Henna Brow tint* - £10
Approx 30mins
Brows tinted with henna for longer lasting results.
Lasts on the skin for upto 2 weeks & on the brow hair for 4-6weeks

Brow wax - £8

Brow threading - £10
Brow wax & Henna* - £16

Brow lamination* - £30 
An innovative treatment that soften, straightens & manipulates the brow hairs. 
Perfect for controlling course, unruly, sparse brows & uneven brows or those just wanting a sleeker, refined look. 
Includes a wax & free henna/tint. 
Lamination last for upto 8 weeks, with a tint top up required after 4 weeks

man brow - £10
A tidy but natural brow created with a under brow wax, top thread and trim to neaten.

Girl brow - £5
(for 12-15 year olds)
minimal hair removal to create a natural shape

Lash tint* - £8.50
Lasts for upto 6 weeks.

Lash lift & FREE tint* - 30
Approx 60mins
Lash lift is a semi-perminant curling technique that gives your lashes a fuller longer look, making eyes appear brighter & more youthful.
Results last for upto 12 weeks, however to maintain optimal appearence & desired look it is advised that this treatment is repeated every 8 weeks with a tint touch up every 4 weeks.


Lash Lift & Brow lamination - £50 
approx 1hr 30mins
A great combo treatment for perfect brows & lashes. 
Saving you time & money.

Lip/chin wax - £6

Lip thread - £7.50
Cheek wax - £7.50

Lip, chin & cheek wax - £17

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